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Established in 2005 as an independent design office, AIP Ltd. specializes in full water system design for agricultural projects and water & sewage civil infrastructure.

Our target markets are developing countries around the world, with vast experience in the African continent.


20 years of varied activity in water & infrastructure projects in a unique working climate gave us flexibility, creativity and holistic approaches when considering the technical solution.


We have a deep understanding of our working environment from the physical and cultural points of view. We give consulting services in a wide range of issues in different stages of the project.


We work fast and accurate, and approach the design stage only after fully understanding the needs of our clients and the objectives of the work.

Our team combines together water and civil engineers, design & survey experts, agronomists and architects. Our integrated fields of expertise results in the most effective, cost-efficient solutions for a diverse range of projects.


We are well experienced in collaborating with other engineering & operation offices and often take part in an extensive team suitable for the demands of large scale projects. We have the ability to perform infrastructure coordination, supervision and commissioning.

All of those are roles well familiar to us. We are true team players.


AIP is well acquainted with leading water & irrigation equipment manufacturers and always in search for new innovative technologies, which brings us to the forefront in our field.

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