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Other Services

Along the years we have accumulated vast experience and knowledge in the fields of irrigation and water supply.

We have gained extensive experience in writing and submitting tenders.

Some of the most interesting opportunities in aid programs lay in emerging countries.

Vast of water and agriculture projects financed by international entities such as the World Bank, United Nations, European union, Development banks, and more.

Those projects required specific procedures that we are well familiar with and know how to access.


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Feasibility study

We perform feasibility studies starting from a visit to the site on to submission of a professional report.


In large scale projects it is often required to perform a thorough study in order to assess whether the project is feasible in many aspects- mainly physical and economical.


A feasibility study will include the following stages:


  1. Receiving the T.O.Rs (Terms Of Reference) from the client and studying the existing situation.

  2. Defining the scope of work as related to the project requirements.

  3. Establishment of a team of experts and supporting staff that covers all the disciplines involved in the study.

  4. Choosing the tools necessary to carry out the study.

  5. Setting the objectives of the designer's field visits.

  6. Field visits and field studies of relevant issues.

  7. Based on the analysis of the data collected, and in accordance with the TORs, preparation of several alternative plans that provide the project objectives.

  8. Preparation of a professional Feasibility Study Report which includes:

  • Presentation of the relevant data used for the Study.

  • Written description of the proposed alternatives for the project implementation.

  • Maps and drawings.

  • Bill of quantities.

  • Economic analysis.

  • Plan of execution and recommended way forward.


We provide professional consulting services in the fields of irrigation and water supply.

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