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Pilot of Cannabis Growing Pit for Greenhouse - Israel

Project concept: This project is a joint venture of two large companies interested in entering the market of Cannabis home growing in North America. AIP Ltd. has created a presentation file for these companies.

The file includes a list of the required equipment for a DIY home kit, as well as detailed instructions for packaging, assembly and operation. AIP Ltd. created the file after researching the field in depth, covering bedding and receptacles, irrigation and drainage, automation and control, germination etc.

The file includes 2D and 3D drawings and models which we created for illustration's sake, in order to provide a grasp of the overall picture, and to assist the decision making process. The guiding principles were to simplify the system to the most basic level, while providing all that is required for the assembly of the kit and for cultivation, and at the same time maintaining low costs and meeting the budget defined for the kit.


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