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Design Services

We know how to tailor made a full design service, while walking step by step with our partners.

From the early seed stage of a project, we share our insights regarding goals and objectives, providing accurate and reliable evaluations from an economic and technical perspective.

The preliminary survey refers to aspects of the project environment. Water and soil properties, climate and metrology data, terrain, human facts, and more. Information is processed and then analyzed in order to produce the best solution within budget limits. For mapping a terrain we use advanced software and high-tech devices, we create high accuracy and high resolution maps, which along with survey information become the base point for design.


We offer a full detailed design using engineering software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D and Solid 3DTech for best illustration of technical details.
Our design products: bill of quantities (BOQ) for the complete system, detailed execution plan sheets, 3D specifications, and further reports.


We use GIS-based software customized to our demands, in order to manage & monitor our projects during the engineering process.

We provide our clients a necessary platform allowing monitoring & controlling the project in order to assure durability and sustainability.


From deep understanding of our projects, we can easily translate the design into supply.

AIP is well acquinted with the leading water industry manufactures and their equipment from technical and pricing points of view, and therefore can provide the optimal solution.

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